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  • Easy to use web interface for a reservation management system
  • Allows bookings to be scheduled by room or by bed
  • Innovative scheduler allowing you to graphically view your rooms and reservations
  • Drag and drop unscheduled bookings into the scheduler
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  • Create various subjects each with their own courses and lessons
  • Fully flexible scheduler allows you to schedule lessons for a course in a number of different ways
  • Mark students present or absent from a lesson
  • Graphical representation of lessons in a week in all classrooms
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  • Manage client information
  • Distinguish quickly between clients and leads
  • Manage the leads that have been introduced by clients
  • Decrease customer management costs
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  • Log Customer Requests
  • Schedule jobs for each request received
  • Quickly select jobs that you would like to invoice
  • Manage users who have access to the system and what they have access to
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  • Summarize the hours worked by each worker during a pay period
  • Utilize your resources efficiently by providing you with real-time project information
  • Plan efficiently for the future and help deliver your projects on time, every time
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